Gun Silencer for Rifles and Pistols.


Building, homemade silencer, of quality.
New type of silencer for rifle, pistol, pellet guns, and airsoft guns.

The best hearing protection you can get!

Gun silencer drawings plan manual, for rifles and pistols in cal.22 lr , 22mag,  22 Hornet cal.222Rem, cal.22/250 Rem, cal.243 Win , 6MM, cal.6.5mm, cal.7mm Rem Mag, cal.308 Win, 300 Win Mag , 8MM Rem Mag,  cal.338 Mag. cal.375 Mag, cal.458 Win Mag, cal.460 Mag. And larger calibers of big bore for pistols,Caliber like cal.357 Mag,caliber.44 Mag , caliber 45 . Ideal for airsoft guns, rifles and pistols.
Complete silencer blueprint drawings plan and instruction’s of quality and easy to understand, and applying it, to make homemade silencer and install on rifles and pistols in most calibers. Silences completely, with subsonic ammunition. Subsonic speed is under 331.4 m/sec or 1087.3 ft/sec.

Over 38 years experience and use and building of this type of suppressor proofs the quality of sound suppression.
In a bolt action rifle cal.22 long rifle with subsonic ammunition the only sound you hear is the fall of the firing pin !
Complete muzzle flash hiding! Which makes this Silencer, ideal for many kinds of police, tactical and varmint hunting. Simple and easy to build and install,with the plans in the silencer e Book.
Download. Adobe PDF e Book with silencer blueprint drawings.Print the drawings and instruction, to have on your workbench while you, build silencer. It is easier than you might think ! NO WELDING !
With a little time and work you will create professional homemade silencer, of quality. Which you can exchange to other guns of same caliber . Adobe 128 Bit Encrypted PDF Document Password Protected.

NEW VIDEO:  GUN SILENCER  on a Cal.22 Rifle.

How to make a 22 silencer for rifle, pistol, airsoft guns.
Gun Silencer Manual.


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